Understanding First Aid for Youth Mental Health (RQF Level 2/SCQF Level 5)

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Qualification Details

This award gives a great induction training in the understanding of first aid for mental health in the workplace, for everyone who wants to learn about the benefits of mental health first aid and about common mental health conditions and the available support.  This award has one unit called ‘First Aid for Mental Health Essentials’.

The unit 7 learning outcomes as follows:

  1. Understand the role of the first aider in youth mental health
    • Understand the aims of youth first aid in mental health
    • Identify the meaning of the term ‘youth mental health’ and ‘first aid for mental health’
    • Identify how actions of others can negatively affect youths with a Mental Health condition
    • Identify basic risk factors that affect youth mental health
  2. Know how to provide practical support in youth mental health
    • Identify common sources of information on mental health issues
    • Identify possible positive responses that can be made a youth with a mental health condition
    • Be able to identify when to contact the emergency services for a youth suffering from a suspected mental health condition
    • Identify legislation associated with youth mental
  3. Understand the most common youth mental health conditions
    • Identify the main signs and/or symptoms associated with the main types of mental health conditions as follows:
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Eating disorders
      • Psychosis
      • Self-harm
      • Suicide
  4. Know the recognition signs of stress in youths and how to manage it
    • Identify signs of stress
    • Identify contributory factors of work-related stress
    • Identify basic personal management techniques for stress relief
  5. Understand how substance abuse can impact on youth mental health
    • Identify the effects of alcohol and drugs abuse can have on a person’s Mental Health
    • Be able to recognise how alcohol and drugs abuse can affect a person’s lifestyle and employment
  6. Understand how to put an action plan in place for youth mental health
    • Identify key features within a first aid for Mental Health action plan in the workplace
    • Understand how to apply an action plan for Mental Health in the workplace
    • Identify appropriate coping strategies to assist individuals who are demonstrating symptoms of mental ill-health in the workplace

The qualification is assessed with a multiple choice question paper.