PDLSG – Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups (SCQF Level 6)

We at SafeCert Awards provide the accreditation service through our awarding body to provide our accredited trainers and accredited centres a range of teaching and assessing awards including this PDLSG Planning and delivering Learning Sessions to Groups. This PDLSG teaching award has four learning outcomes as follows:

  1. Explain the deliverers’ role in ensuring learners’ needs are met
    • Inclusive practice, equality and diversity
    • Current legislative requirements
    • Identifying learning needs and styles
    • The ways adults learn (Andragogy)
    • Boundaries and the learners referral process
  2. Prepare learning objectives, session plans and learning support materials to meet learner requirements
    • Methods of delivery and assessment
    • Developing three-phase session plans
    • Writing SMART objectives
    • Sequencing and grouping learning
    • How to use materials to support learning
    • Assessing Learner progress and achievement
  3. Deliver planned interactive learning sessions and assess the progress and achievement of learners
    • Preparing the environment and self for learning
    • Introducing learning sessions
    • Use of lesson plans in guiding learning
    • How and when to use visual aids
    • The use of learning support materials
    • How to motivate and engage with learners
    • Managing control and participation
    • Framing and responding to questions
    • The use of feedback when delivering and assessing learning
    • Using valid methods of assessment
    • Legislative requirements
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning sessions delivered and your own practice
    • Sources of evidence used when conducting evaluations
    • How to evaluate learning based on findings
    • Conducting self-evaluations, analysing results and proposing improvements

Qualification Details

This accredited PDLSG teaching award is aimed at a those who wish to gain their first nationally recognised general qualification in teaching to groups and includes lesson planning and practical delivering to groups. .

The qualification is assessed by giving a presentation to a group, short answer question paper and producing lesson plans and a session plan.