Mental Health First AidSafe Cert Awards provide the accreditation service through our awarding body to provide our accredited trainers and accredited centres a range of Awards, including Mental Health First Aid Awards. Our wide range of first aid for mental health includes understanding mental health first aid as well as first aid for mental health in the workplace. We are also developing further awards in this area.

Qualification Levels

SafeCert Awards provide a total of two qualifications at two levels in mental health first aid. We have a Level 2 Understanding mental health first aid and a level 3 award in mental health first aid in the workplace. We also provide a range of healthcare awards including safeguarding of adults, safe moving and handling of people, child protection and others in development including infection control and medication administration to provide the essentials for all healthcare providers.

Below you will see all the information on our Mental Health First Aid awards, which includes the information sheets, qualification specification, trainer and centre requirements, how to apply for centre approval plus video information on the award.

Understanding Mental Health First Aid Awards, Qualifications and Certification
  • This Understanding First Aid for Mental Health award is a great induction to mental health first aid for everyone who wants to learn the benefits of mental health first aid, common mental health problems and available support.
  • RQF Level 2 and SQA pending
First Aid for Mental Health Awards, Qualifications and Certification
  • This First Aid for Mental Health in the Workplace Award is an essential award for the mental health first aider in the workplace.  This award covers common mental health conditions, giving support, signposting for further suitable bodies for assistance.
  • RQF Level 3 / SCQF pending
Your Own Accredited Awards and Qualifications
  • Your Own Awards – Do you have awards which are not on the RQF/SCQF/Endorsed but which to gain approval and have the ability to give accredited certification to your candidates for your own designed awards.