You Own Endorsed Qualifications

We at SafeCert Awards provide the accreditation service through our awarding body for both accredited awards listed on the RQF / SCQF register but we also provide an service to get your own development awards accredited by SafeCert awards which are called endorsed awards so you can then gain SafeCert endorsed certification for your candidates.

Why Choose an Endorsed Award?

Allows you to gain accreditation from a national Awarding Organisation, providing you with the support to ensure your courses are of a high standard.

Customised Accredited Awards  are written and owned by you, not SafeCert Awards, You can also use our logo on any learning materials; and we’ll include your logo on the certificates we award to your candidates.

So why choose Customised Awards?

We’ll evaluate, review and provide advice about your existing learning programme to identify how SafeCert can support you to develop the course. We will then monitor the delivery and assessment. When we endorse a course of learning, we are declaring that we are confident in the centre’s ability to develop and deliver quality courses in their areas of expertise.
We will provide expert feedback about how to develop your learning programme into a specification that has measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria; and has been benchmarked against the national framework to reach awarding organisation standards.

Customised Awards

So you can clearly see the differences between regulated awards and endorsed awards we have highlighted the differences in the table below as follows:

Differences Regulated Qualification Endorsed Course

Developed by SafeCert Awards

Centre subject to EQA Activities (External Quality Assurance)
Certificate issued by SafeCert Awards to successful candidates
Assessment undertaken or verified by SafeCert Awards
Sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework for RQF or SCQF

Example Certificate

Centres offering SafeCert Awards Endorsed Courses must:

  • Clearly distinguish between these courses and any regulated qualifications that they offer through SafeCert Awards or another awarding body
  • Refer to the courses as being 'endorsed'
  • Make sure that all learners on the course know they will progress to an endorsed achievement rather than a regulated qualification
  • Be available to talk to learners and their employers about the two types of provision (Regulated and Endorsed) so they can make the best choice for them
  • Be confident in promoting a quality SafeCert Awards endorsed status
  • Include on the website a link for all their regulated qualifications to the appropriate register

List of Approved Endorsed Awards by Approved Centres

Logo Approved Centre Approved Endorsed Awards
LCPS London College of Professional Studies
  • SafeCert Level 8 Endorsed Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
Logo Approved Centre Approved Endorsed Awards